Business Professional

Executive Business and Corporate Experience

Quentin has 15 years of experience working in the private sector as a PMP and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: 

  • Executive leadership experience required to mitigate risks in an ever-changing global economy 

(Executive MBA, C.T. Bauer College of Business - University of Houston)

  • Professional training required to successfully direct and manage diverse teams to execute large-scale capital projects (Certified Project Management Professional "PMP®")

  • Skilled in math and analytical tools used to obtain and interpret data and create cost-saving solutions

(B.S., Mathematics, Southern University and A&M, Lean Six Sigma BB)

  • Grassroots experience bridging cultural and economic gaps by working directly with residents to strengthen and create public-private partnerships.

(13 years working in community leadership roles)

Community Leader

It's time for the next generation of leadership 

Our communities all have significant challenges to overcome - economic challenges, cultural challenges, environmental challenges, and the newest most deadly challenge - COVID-19.  We need leaders with compassion, conviction, and humility to bring us together to develop comprehensive solutions that work for ALL of us.  Quentin is equipped with both the executive and grassroots experience of leading diverse teams to solve 21st century challenges.  Quentin is an innovative leader with the compassion to lead into the next generation. 

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"Mbusiness and professional expertise can help our businesses and grow our economy."

Quentin currently works as the Director of Commercial in the oil and gas pipeline sector, securing our nation’s energy and economic independence with a private pipeline coating firm located in Houston, Texas. A graduate of C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston with an Executive MBA in Global Leadership, Quentin is prepared to lead our city by applying fiscally sound principles in business management that will help Pearland solve the challenges of today’s global economy. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Quentin led cross-functional teams to initiate, plan, manage, and execute a portfolio of onshore and offshore oil and natural gas pipeline projects in excess of $1 billion dollars. As a Quality Improvement Professional (Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt) with a foundation in numerical analysis and statistical modeling, Quentin has helped organizations identify process inefficiencies resulting in safer work environments and cost reductions directly impacting their bottom line. 

"As a community leader I have worked to build a more progressive community"

From working to enhance our quality of life through parks and programming as Chairman of the Board for Pearland Parks and Recreation to partnering with state and local organizations such as TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) and Alvin Community College to secure over $1.9M in job skills training(over 200 jobs) as a Director on the Board of the Pearland Chamber of Commerce, I am committed to mutually beneficial partnerships and the sustainable investments in both the business community and community at large.

"I am committed to creating a healthier and more inclusive community for

all families." 

I have worked tirelessly to create opportunities that allow us to uphold values that contribute to a great quality of life - access to great public education, safe neighborhoods, and  ultimately creating a more equitable and inclusive community.  My leadership abilities are strengthened by my dedication to my faith and my family. Celebrating 16 years of marriage, my wife Monique and I have been members of the Pearland community for the last 13 years. We are active members in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. respectively, and we attend the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Community Church.

I cherish my relationships with my two sons, who attend public school Pearland. My responsibilities as a father and community leader are extremely important to me.  My role as a parent has also taught me how to relate my love for my family to commitments that best serve the interests and needs of the community. I am confident my experience as a business professional and years of work in the community has prepared me to lead.