Quentin's Story

Quentin's story and the experiences he and his wife Monique faced when moving to Pearland over 13 years ago are representative of the thousands of families that now call Pearland home - families fleeing devastating effects of natural disasters or pandemics, families looking for jobs, families looking for great schools, families looking for safe and diverse neighborhoods, and families looking for an inclusive community.  


Quentin's commitment to his family, his faith, and community show why he is representative of the next generation of leadership. 

Family Roots

Quentin is a native of the small town of St. Martinville, LA (pop. 6,000) where he established the foundation for his hometown values and appreciation for diversity, culture, food, family and community.  

His mother (a retired public school educator of 32 years) and father (retired onshore and oil rig worker of 25 years for Texaco) taught him and his three brothers the importance of getting a good education, working hard to provide for your family, serving your community, your church, and your country.  

Uprooted by Hurricane Katrina

While celebrating the baptism of their son in Baton Rouge, LA, they learned of the devastation and flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Their loved ones as well as countless others lost all they had, and were forced to evacuate to Houston, Texas.  Months later Quentin and Monique decided to leave Baton Rouge, LA with their infant son and move to Houston, Texas.

Finding Fertile Ground

The move to Houston came with hopeful opportunities and many challenges.  Even with a college degree, Quentin was unable to find employment.  It was difficult as a young couple to feed a family on a single household income.  They relied on family and each other to make ends meet.  After nearly a year looking for employment, Quentin was hired with a small coating inspections manufacturer and later a coatings application firm.  Looking for a safe, diverse community with good schools, they saved and bought a home in the "Old Townsite" in the east area of Pearland, TX.   The couple was blessed with their second son, yet they faced additional hardships raising two young children in the wake of Hurricane Ike (2008) and the ongoing market recession ("Great Recession").  

Quentin and family in 2008
Quentin, Monque, Ethan, Evan
Ethan, Evan, Santa
Wiltz Superhero run
Ethan and Evan with Pearland PD
Father / Child Basketball Game

Monique decided on a career change and used her background in Chemistry to work in education as a high school chemistry teacher.  This career change also opened doors for their son to enroll in a dual-language immersion program to learn Vietnamese.  The quality of life they hoped for their family and the cultural opportunities they believed were possible were starting to become a reality.  

Sewing Seeds of Service

Led by his Christian faith and a desire to be a good husband, father, and role model for his young sons, he and his wife joined St. Helen Catholic Church (Pearland, TX) where Quentin served on the Pastoral Council and as a lector. 

Quentin continued his service in the community by earning a recommendation from Mayor Tom Reid to serve on the Pearland Parks & Recreation and Beautification Board, where he served for seven (7) years (four (4) years as Chairman of the Board).  While serving on the board, Quentin advocated and worked towards the successful design and completion of several major park projects including the SCR Sports Complex, extension of hike and bike trails, 5-year Parks Master Plan, completion of Recreation Center and Natatorium, KPB Environmental office at the Recycling Center, and several facility ordinances and city recreational programs. 

PMP photo.JPG
Quality Improvement Professional - Six Sigma

When Quentin's company transferred him to their facility in Pearland, he continued his commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Pearland.  He worked to improve the safety and cleanliness at the facility using his expertise as a certified Project Management Professional and Lean/Six Sigma professional.  He strengthened his company's commitment to environmental sustainability by working with Keep Pearland Beautiful to maintain Knapp Road through the "Adopt-a-Spot" Program - his family had been part of the program as early as 2008 where they led several efforts to maintain the roadway on Veterans Rd as well as in the Shadow Creek Ranch area.

Quentin believes that leadership is only one facet of a successful organization.  In order for an organization to maximize their efficiency and sustain their competitive advantage in the market, it must have a well-trained workforce.  While serving as a Director on the Board of Directors for the Pearland Chamber of Commerce advocating for local businesses,  Quentin approached the Adult Learning Center of Pearland (ALC) (formerly Adult Reading Center) to develop an in-house English as a Second Language (ESL) training program.  He then partnered with Alvin Community College (ACC) and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to deliver a full-scale skills, training, and certification program.  The total grant package included multiple area businesses totaled over $1.9M to ensure a better trained and highly skilled workforce that would allow workers the opportunity to earn more and allow them to create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Quentin realized that not all families have the same opportunities.  There are many children who face incredible challenges.  That is why Quentin worked diligently as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Brazoria County Alliance for Children (BCAC) to help direct the organization's resources to enable the successful delivery of the necessary services to let a child recover from the effects of the trauma as a result of child abuse and put her/him on a path towards a full, productive and happy life.  The organization's success depended on acquiring funds and building partnerships.  That is why Quentin partnered with Pearland Police Department, (late) Chief of Police J.C. Doyle to bring a yearly awareness program to Pearland.  The program is still in effect to this day and occurs during the month of April - child abuse prevention month. 

Quentin has worked tirelessly in the Pearland community to ensure Pearland is not only a diverse community but inclusive.  He was honored to receive the Civil Rights Proclamation by Mayor Tom Reid commemorating the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.   

Quentin receives the Civil Rights Proclamation
Civil Rights Proclamation 2014

Quentin endeavors to give back to local organizations that work to enhance the quality of life in the community, and he has donated thousands of hours over the last thirteen years in the Pearland area community. Whether speaking a local elementary or high school about voting or careers, being trained as a volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar to lead voter education and voter registration for local bond projects for area public schools in Pearland ISD and Alvin ISD, donating time to boxing and sorting food at the local food banks, volunteering his time as youth coach at the local YMCA, coaching an elementary school robotics team, partnering with a local physician and local VFW to open a free health clinic, volunteering in veterans awareness programs to fight PTSD, volunteering to raise funds for Keep Pearland Beautiful (KPB) and Adult Learning Center, or hosting a live TV show to raise awareness for local issues (flooding, voting, census), Quentin believes that you don't have to be an elected official to serve your community.  We all must do our part to elect to make a difference by using our talents to get involved to serve.

Its' Time

For the past 13 years, Quentin and his wife Monique have raised their two sons to be responsible citizens in the Pearland community.  They remain committed to their faith with a past firmly rooted in family values.  Quentin's dedication to serving the community is undeniable.  It's time to transition to the next generation of leadership. Quentin is well-prepared to lead.